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The industrious and raw expansive power of Jupiter is placed at the height of most ‘Olympian’ pantheons (Zeus or similar).
The Book of Marduk by Nabu

The word-name Jupiter comes from the Romans: Dys Pater (Latin), meaning “Father-God.” This energetic current commands outright worldly success as and the magic of spirits: command of the “spiritual” hierarchy of astral spirits.

MARDUK with the Dragon of Babylon, SIRRUS

MARDUK with the Dragon of Babylon, SIRRUS

Anunnaki Elder Gods originally attributed this position to ENLIL in Sumer. I, NABU personally heralded my father, MARDUK, into Enlilship of the “younger pantheon” of Anunnaki observed in Babylon. Our “Mardukite” tradition there, and in Egypt, was wholly based on his centralized leadership.

MARDUK is exalted as the Master of Magicians, carrying the mysteries of my grandfather, ENKI, to Babylon, and bestowing the traditions upon me to relay. The original designation of the Jupiter position in the pantheon is 50, the number attributed by Enlilite Sumerians to ENLIL and later to MARDUK for Babylonian Religion (who previously held the designation of 10).

Bom3rdthumb Invoke my father, MARDUK, for his strength and power, as well as to petition the Elder Gods. The color of the “Mardukite” current is purple, but also airy and fiery colors (yellow, orange, black).

This energy is preferred by many leaders and law enforcing folk, lending to those who are pure to receive it, the power to command the material world…

“Marduk was proclaimed King of the Gods, replacing Enlil, and the other gods were required to pledge allegiance to him and to come to reside in Babylon where their activities could be easily supervised. This usurpation of Enlilship was accompanied by an extensive Babylonian effort to forge the ancient texts. The most important texts were rewritten and altered so as to make Marduk appear as the Lord of the Heavens, the Creator…”
–Zecharia Sitchin, The Twelfth Planet, 1976

P1050763_Louvre_code_Hammurabi_face_rwk The name MARDUK is actually a modernization taken from the Semitic “meri-dug” [Merodach]. The oldest version of a similar spelling AMAR.UTU [ = “light of the sun on earth”] often translated by contemporaries as “solar calf” or “son of the sun” : gives some background to Marduk’s esteem.

As explained by Joshua Free in SUMERIAN RELIGION:

Being the foremost son of ENKI, he gained power quickly. The Semitic name “Maerdechai” that came from the Chaldeo-Babylonian [silik-mul.u-khi] name meaning “Marduk is God.” The more common MAR.DUG means “son of the pure mound,” and is thought to be connected to the pyramids in not only Mesopotamia, but in Egypt, where he raised himself as the leader of a third party of gods – the Egyptian Pantheon – as “Amon-Ra” (again identifying himself with the “solar” current).

SumRel3rdthumb The decision of MARDUK to raise himself to a monotheistic-like “God” status created new political issues for the Anunnaki on Earth – creating a reason for there to be tensions between the two lineages — of ENKI and ENLIL — for supremacy on earth (and the right to install their own lineages and chosen humans as kings in their stead)…

“When MARDUK decided to raise himself to the ‘God’ status for NABU’s new Babylonian monaltric religious system, new political issues ignited for Anunnaki on Earth… other Anunnaki were less than appreciative of MARDUK’s desire to reign over them. Although the Age of Aries, his sign, did come, the glory that should have been his, was never granted — a disciplinarian act by the other gods.”
explains Joshua Free in GATES OF THE NECRONOMICON


MARDUK lost rights of official Anunnaki kingship “in heaven” for taking a “human” wife, instead of his betrothed half-sister INANNA-ISHTAR. He argued (to the Anunnaki Assembly) that SARPANIT (his chosen consort, mother of NABU) was descended from ADAPA [see the Necronomicon Annunnaki Bible], and therefore of ENKI‘s (Anunnaki) bloodline; further, that INANNA-ISHTAR was no more interested in the union than he was (and it had not affected her rise to power); and finally, if not “in heaven,” why not “on earth”?

While we are forced to guess how the other Anunnaki chose to respond to MARDUK, resulting catastrophes in the Middle East — and the thousands of years of unrest thereafter — show evidence to believe this arrangement between factions did not occur peacefully.




In Assyrian accounts, MARDUK, as the great “father-godAssur or Ashur [“Ashshur”], seems to emerge as if from nowhere. Some scholars in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s considered this to mean the idea of the Babylonian Holy FamilyMARDUK, SARPANIT and NABU — as being fictitious figures imagined into being by the priest-scribes for purely political reasons.

SARPANIT [also SARAPAN or ZARPANITU] is mentioned often in (Mardukite) Babylonian prayers (incantation tablets) but does not appear in any recovered mythic/epic tablet cycles from Babylon. Politically, she achieves an elevated status (where ISHTAR is an Anunnaki Queen, SARA-PAN becomes literally “Princess“) by her relationship with MARDUK. Together, they are the parents of NABU, patron of the scribe-priests hosting Babylonian Religion — called Mardukite. At the spring equinoxA.KI.TI New Year festival — she is the “spring-maiden” of Babylonian fertility festivals.

1biblesixthfrontCROP Being absent in the genealogies of ENKI and ENLIL as well as the Igigi (igi-igi, Watchers), Mardukites acknowledge SARPANIT as an “earthling” or “earthborn” demi-god (part-divine) by birth [given the accounts of the Creation of Adapa].

SARPANIT is also known as ERUA, or more appropriately, ERU. European magical-clans of hereditary occultism, such as “Stregherians” “Elven-Faerie” “Vampyre”– bloodlines acknowledging descent from MARDUK — gave to their “Star-Goddess Mother of Vegetation and Fertility” …and sure enough eru is an Akkadian word for pregnancy

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Secrets of the Anunnaki

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The word “complete” is thrown around too loosely in the modern literary age. So many interpretations of the “Necronomicon” and “Anunnaki Legacy” and “Ancient Aliens mythos” have emerged from the New Age Movement. The last several years have also been blessed by the amazing contributions from the modern Mardukite community, focused self-honestly on the identity and natures of the Anunnaki Sky Gods who appeared in ancient times and at the heart of all the global traditions on the planet!

NECRONOMICON: THE ANUNNAKI LEGACY EDITION contains the Mardukite Year-1 and Year-2 core literary cycle for modern revival interest with the full text from two original anthologies: “Necronomicon Anunnaki Bible” and “Gates of the Necronomicon.” 7-Books-in-1 — A master compilation of mystical exploration into the heart of ancient mysteries, this newly revised and expanded 2013 SILVER EDITION presentation of the complete “Necronomicon” Anunnaki Legacy illuminates revolutionary teachings and source materials of the Sumerian-Babylonian-Anunnaki Tradition of the Mardukite Research Organization, edited by Joshua Free.


NECRONOMICON: THE ANUNNAKI LEGACY (2013 SILVER EDITION) is a highly innovative anthology of seven core books in a single incredible compilation! This work has been revolutionizing the modern occult and spiritual communities in unveiling the truth of such aspects as – Sumerian Anunnaki, Babylonian Religion, Mesopotamian Magick, Mystical Portals and Magical Gateways or Stargates, Hermetic Occultism, Arcane Esoterica, both the “Simon” and Lovecraftian lore regarding the concept of the “Necronomicon”, and of course this contemporary idea of an Alien Illuminati and New World Order.

This massive and beautiful 820+ page oversized tome contains the complete text to seven libros otherwise available as the “Necronomicon Anunnaki Bible” (Fifth Edition) and “Gates of the Necronomicon” (Second Edition). Included stand-alone materials by Joshua Free (also available separately) are: “Necronomicon” (Liber N), “Necronomicon Liturgy & Lore” (Liber L), “Necronomicon Gatekeeper’s Grimoire” (Liber G), “Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows” (Liber 9); the complete “Year 1” cycle found in the “Necronomicon Anunnaki Bible” (Fifth Edition) plus the complete “Year 2” cycle collected in the “Gates of the Necronomicon” anthology, “Sumerian Religion” (Liber 50), “Babylonian Myth & Magic” (Liber 51) and “Necronomicon Revelations” (Liber R).

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