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Joshua Free Publishing Imprint representing Mardukite Research Organization

Joshua Free Publishing Imprint representing Mardukite Research Organization

It is very possible that you have never personally heard of Joshua Free before—and yet millions of people have enjoyed medias, music and motion pictures strongly influenced by his invisible hand. Known worldwide in the underground occult scene, Joshua Free is a prolific author of over two dozen books on ancient history, esoteric archaeology, alternative mysticism, practical occultism, and NexGen Systemology. He has been involved with practical Earth magic since he was 12, starting with his first initiation into Pheryllt Druidism by Douglas Monroe in 1995 as “Merlyn Stone” and holds an honorary position of “Bard of the Twelfth Chair” at “New Forest Centre for Magickal Studies.” He founded the modern “Mardukite” movement in 2008, and is the presiding Director of the “Mardukite Research Organization,” conceiving development of their most famous literary contribution: “Necronomicon: The Anunnaki Bible” and research volumes composing the “Mardukite Core.” An advanced division of the organization, the “NexGen Systemological Society” (NSS), later formed underground in 2011

JOSHUA FREE began participating in his planetary mission by receiving ‘unofficial’ personal apprenticeships from individual mentors who were, themselves, members (active or preexisting) of the Illuminati, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, Catholic Mystics, Christian Gnostics, Buddhist Monks, Freezone Earth (Independent Scientology), the Dragon Court / Dragon Society, Theosophical Society, Aurum Solis, the GD (Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn), the O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orientis) and A.A. (Argentium Astrum) among others.

lapis lazuli cloak 2 At the age of 12, JOSHUA FREE was officially initiated into the Pheryllt Druid tradition (based on the work of Douglas Monroe) and then began leading his own Druid-styled organization at 13. The following year he was installed to the ‘third degree’ of Celtic Wicca. In the mid-1990′s, he was even heralded the youngest initiate to join the “Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids” (OBOD), a large international organization based in England that New Age (Druidic) authors frequently cite.


While in high school during the late-1990′s, JOSHUA FREE maintained leadership (under the name “Merlyn Stone“) of a small esoteric mystical-magical experimental research group, the “Elven Fellowship Circle of Magick” (EFCOM), which met both in private and publicly in Washington Park (Denver, Colorado) from 1998 through 2000. Considered a prodigious youth among growing Rocky Mountain New Age Scene, he wrote many underground manifestos on various ‘New Age’ topics using the pseudonym “Merlyn Stone” while still a teenager — one of the first and most famous being the Sorcerer’s Handbook that has reached thousands of readers and is currently celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2018!

jjj JOSHUA FREE quickly became a controversial underground occult figure (as author Merlyn Stone) that advocated radically diverse approaches to Druidic Philosophy & Metaphysics — including active participation with the New Forest “Pheryllt” group of his primary Druidic mentor, Douglas Monroe, for which he was unseated from all positions (particularly OBOD) and disappeared from public view — all while still a teenager in the 1990’s!

Although now best known for his work on Sumerians, the Anunnaki and Babylonian Tradition for the “Mardukites“, JOSHUA FREE‘s work on the Secret Dragon (Elven) Legacy and modern PHERYLLT Druid Tradition is also paramount. In addition to his own collected works anthology — THE DRUID COMPLEAT — his writing has even been used for the third volume completing the classic bestselling ‘Merlyn’ trilogy by Douglas Monroe: The Deepteachings of Merlyn, in 2011.

75393_177326055614922_832194_n Before returning to mainstream view in 2008 (nearly a decade later) via the internet, JOSHUA FREE had already spent fifteen years intensely exploring esoteric sects of society, underground counter-culture and contemporary academia. Following an individualized path, preferring personal apprenticeships over direct membership in certain groups and organizations, his all-encompassing ‘Universalist’ pursuit is to unify the knowledge and potential of the ‘human condition’ experiencing life in the “metaphysical universe”. The literary cornerstone of this effort, consolidated and released in 2008 as ARCANUM: THE GREAT MAGICAL ARCANUM, not only earned him an honorary position in the “Ordo Lapsit Exillis” from Tracy R. Twyman and then as a companionate to the true revival “Dragon Court” of (the now ‘late’) Nicholas de Vere — JOSHUA FREE has also contributed to the rise of his own revolutionary ‘Next Generation’ (NexGen) underground movement…


On the Summer Solstice of 2008, JOSHUA FREE founded the inception of the modern “Mardukite“ movement — currently in its tenth active year of operation, with extensive literary materials now in print. In Spring of 2011, he co-founded the “Systemology” division (Systemological Society) of the “Mardukite Research Organization.” Drawn from the truth of the most ancient spiritual technologies on the planet!

authorpic JOSHUA FREE (known as “Nabu” to the Mardukites) is currently the author of over 30 books on wide-spanning subjects. He has personally published over 100 unique editions of his work for the Mardukite movement in addition to providing expert private third-party consultation and materials preparation for independent media publication for others — making him personally responsible for over 200 different books independently published from varying authors since 2008.

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  5. Mr. Free

    I just wanted to say “Hello” and Thank You for your interest in “The Nine Gates” My father was Bob Corso ….I am NOT Lucas or Dean. My name is Sean…but not spelled S E A N ….Most CANNOT spell my FIRST name ….they try,,,and after a great number of years NOONE has been able. Mr, Depp and I share the same birthday. And his character and I share the same interests in a lot of ways. The events in the movie are another subject. Many areas of Romans Movie reflect my life in this time…lol. Art imitates Life …so it is said. I’m still not certain if the world is ready for my “Nine Gates THROUGH A Kingdom of Shadows” . As it rests now… on my left since 1988.
    Feel free to reach out… I’m here.
    Sincerely ,,,,,Mr.Corso
    aka..Zir Laiad 999

  6. Master Free,
    I have psychically been led down the rabbit hole to you and the information you are sharing. I received psychic information a couple years back that i am GateKeeper. Two years later I’m disocveeing what this is. Thank you for sharing the ancient knowledge and Information. I would love some assistance in guidance to what material will help me remember more about my purpose and service. I just purchased the 10th anniversary Necronomicon and studying it. I would be honored to be in communication with you as I have many mystical things occurring. Infinite blessings your way

  7. Hello Joshua,

    Your work has helped ma a lot and it’s keep helping me along the way that I’m travelling in the unseen. I was always going on my own even though I’ve been a member of the HOtGD I’ve left unsatisfied with the teachings of never ending disturbance from the source and dwelling in not working methods (basically a club of readers and talkers unfortunately). After I’ve continued to study on my own I was always attract to the source, and that’s how I’ve found your works. I’m practicing magic for about 15 years now and I’ll continue till the end of my days. I’d like to know more of Mardukite movement and possibly join the order.
    Please contact me know through the email.

    Best Regards
    T.L. Kien

  8. Hi Nabu. I’ve known of the existence of your mission since mid 2000’s. I never read any of your books. In fact I’ve come and gone to your websites very infrequently over the years. But there was always something pulling me back. Today I’ve had an epiphane of sorts. I’ve always been interested in the topics you’ve written about and yet I’ve never read any of your works. You see I believe there is a Divine Plan or Universal Plan. The Universe has a plan. A path. We can use our free will to deviate from that path but it will only bring us sorrow. But if we embrace the Divine Plan and reliquish our free will then only good can come from it. There was an Eden. A paradise. It’s a Sumerian legend based on truth. The lesson is this as I have just stated: either we submit to the Divine Plan and reap the benefits, relinquishing our free will OR we eat from the tree that was not meant for us to eat (a test of free will and it’s consequences) and we pay dearly because we deviated from the Divine Plan. There is Order and Disorder in the Universe; following the Divine Plan brings order. What does that have to do with my being pulled back to things that I chose to disregard; your mission for example. I look back now even to when I was young and all my interests point to one thing. I am now revisting all those interests. I see a Divine Plan in all of it. I don’t know if your mission can contribute to my purpose in life but I can no longer ignore it. I know you said that your mission is not popular but it’s a start. It has to start somewhere. Your work may not be in vain. I say this because of this epiphane I’ve had recently. Everything happens for a reason and a purpose. We cannot deviate from what the Universe has planned for us no matter how hard we try; we always return to Eden. I cannot say with certainty if the Universe is pointing me in the direction of your work. No one knows the will of God but God. I can only watch out for the clues presented to me from the Divine Source as I understand it. I see sending you this message as a test: if anything I’ve just said interests you then I know I must be close to the path. If not then disregard this message.

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