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FIRSTLY… Thank you for taking the time and initiative to visit us!

Welcome to the NEW Mardukite NecroGate official wordpress-driven blogsite for news, updates and information regarding the Necronomicon Anunnaki Legacy of the Mardukite Chamberlains, a division of the Mardukite Research Organization (MRO) in cooperation with the Mardukite Truth Seeker Press and its affiliate umbrella: Mardukite Ministries.

We are currently on the brink of amazing new breakthroughs advancing the systemological fields of practical metaphysical technology, quantum psychology and other extraordinary developments being drawn from the most ancient spiritual texts on the planet — archaeological recover of cuneiform tablet writings of Mesopotamia (Sumerian, Babylonian, etc.) — revealing critical groundbreaking insights into human behavior, societal systems, truth and knowledge of reality: its experience and engineering… just to relay a few of the facets; by no means an exhaustive list.

Pardon our dust as we develop this new and usual site while enjoying the growing features colorfully displayed to access the work that will be brought forth to the public via this medium. Several other official Mardukite-sponsored sites will be brought online to correspond to this new alternative direction to (temporarily) replace the absence of the data server that has been our cornerstone for the past five years, currently eliminating access to our previous sites, blogs and hosted forums.

The most recent anthology edition of the first two years of Mardukite discovery:

Necronomicon–Anunnaki Legacy (Silver Edition) by Joshua Free

Be sure to check back often to see our site grow

and thank you for your participation!



4 comments on “Mardukite NecroGate Blog

  1. I want to know more about the Mardukite
    Ministries how can I be part of this?

  2. I greet you with curiosity, Brother Nabu. I applaud & commend your prolific literary output. It gives me hope for humanity that you would choose to dedicate your life to scholarly pursuit & share what you have uncovered. I would be honored if you would contact me @ your discretion. I await your correspondence. May dolphins always swim in your wake—Karl Koch

  3. I’m either insane or just crazy enough 😉 I’ll be straight… I’m not looking for anything but the root. My ‘family’ tree is pretty one sided (mothers) & my bio-beast of man father was adopted… according to him he is Zendor, son of Ashtar & Athena. I found out a few years ago that I am the product of marital rape (spawn of Satan-Dude that raped ‘Eve’) I’ve been having (my living son as well) these ‘prophetic’ dreams since 2010 that had me looking all over for answers & FINALLY… I AM HERE! How about we help one another out 😉 Proof of Truth

    Aura in Alexandria 😳😉

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