2 comments on “Necronomicon vs Delomelanicon, Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows in High Magic with Joshua Free

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  2. Quite interesting post I too wondered about the validity/existence of the nine gates of the kingdom of shadows and like your self could not help but pick up on not just the books referenced in the film but so also the knowledge conveyed and the symbolism exposed leading to believe that whom ever got the film started and those involved are so also involved occult as well (Johnny Depp with standing no mistaking him for maybe involved he is or was involved with the Serpentine Club and his obsession of Vampire kind specifically). It is rather interesting how many Actors ; Actresses and musicians are them selves practitioners people even I would not have pegged as practitioners until I was invited to join in their astral realm rituals that is. Most of my own practicing is also done in the Astral Realm and thus I believe that is probably how I end up getting invited not sure though would like to know your thoughts as to why these VIP considered individuals would invite me or contact me via the Astral?

    Also I noticed in the Blade TV Series on the last episode Marcus Van Scheiver A.K.A Neil Jackson mentioned Royal Bloods instead of Pure Bloods so I e-mailed him to find out why he said Royal Bloods and not Pure Bloods he did not even notice or realized he said it and so also no one working on the production of the series (this could be an example of such a Divine/Dark Entity leading them to miss it for a reason I will keep to my self at this time). Also a movie worth watching though very difficult to get a hold of is Noon Blue Apples or New World Order (Depending on which one can manage to locate) VERY interesting and I think you will come to enjoy and appreciate the information it contains.

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