One comment on “MARDUK (babylonian god) | Secrets of the NecroGate – Mardukite Legacy of Star-Dragon Children

  1. I need say a thing or two. I know most that try would trust that Zecharia Sitchin wrote the truth. The Alian idea is ok, but lets say ‘I seen some tree’s driving a UFO’. Well, i didnt really but, why is it that people only see life to be red blooded. Sure-ly the first Life on Earth was some kind of Plant. Even in the Sea the plant would be first. Well ask your self who are the true lords of ‘KI’? The plants and tree’s have been breaking up the stones of earth sents the Begining. Now i say this: I could trust somone who would feel bad for a plant. The salt water of the Earth I woship first. I guess i should say: If you think I worship plants, your wrong. To be a plant would be a curse not a blessing. Pure old Zech, he never did find them Alian weeds. Sorry Josh, There probley going to “THIS OR THAT” what I say. To most people Kinda true dont work. Alian Blood-VS-Alian wood, LoL! man yesterday I was a DUMB ASS or i mean Good mornning every one. Hay you tree’s what the hell does evil mean? I know I ‘saw’ somthing But,I never seen Bread eat Bread. Wakeing up the dragon is not very smart, but i guess i will just burn down there house. To end this ‘I’ say: Love-ing what you eat is only loveing your self, but remember shit stinks. Why do thay try to NOSE in? I dont like the word ‘KNOW’ but I think I should use it a lttle More. I dont want to smell any ones Poop. Good one KHEM but, I will do you one Better. Ok she siad he is doomed but, witch one witchy poo? Yup, 40 yeas old and I can still play. WIS WIT Wisdom, it is anything but Domb. Good day Josh & friends. No one Ever could Drive a Dragon, I know Josh thay couldnt handle me or you. Yes I fucking mean Control. Come on now Show you might! My head is only were i understand Empty space but, i guess i could use my head & when did ‘just’ become the word for ‘only’? WAS, WILL, WAS man I think my favret word is WAS. Blessings from these words that WAS. There you go Butting around like a RAM agian steve, sorry josh. My Dragon hard drive ent worth shit without that Ram. Hell yes 101! Its secret ways to say secrets. I know i’m just babel-ing on. If I say this crape 10 times in 10 difrent places, would mean more?

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