One comment on “VAMPYRE MAGICK – Complete Guide for Modern Vampires, “Moroii ad Vitam” Living Vampyre Tradition

  1. Good Evening Joshua Free

    I must commend you on your analysis and theory and I concur with what you said. However Transcendence / Ascension from a spiritual/metaphysical stand point is not just possible it can be done was done in the Ancient world more so Khemet (Ancient Egypt) and is even to this day being done.

    How can I be so sure of this? well I am living or rather Immortal proof of its possibility though I am not at liberty to say which groups still have the necessary tool kit as it were and the needed ritual scrolls to perform such a transcendence. As for your question about being able to transcend into physical immortality through matter ; will and mind programming (programming the system so to speak) it too seems possible though you seem to require a certain set of genetics and understanding of the Arcana of creation it self though should you posses these triads than the keys required are alcohol and living human blood it seems to unlock these genetics (junk DNA) and shift your frequency closer to that of the Anunnaki or Gods allowing you to see and understand the entire system and also links you in to their mental synopsis, I not being sober at the time and not wanting to screw with creation decided not
    to try to program / change matter though I could have if I wanted.

    Thus from that state of being it could very well be possible to accomplish pretty much anything you set your mind too I am yet to figure out if the Super Full Moon of that particular night was/is also a factor though repeating the conditions to take this further is proving quite difficult as humans do not tend to offer much less allow you to drink their blood not even if money is offered so until I can get a donor or more than one that experience and its possibilities remains out of my reach.

    There are rumors of physical immortals among the Dark underground and I have had the prevailage of talking to such an immortal being no longer human (though to his validity I only have his word and that
    of a friend of mine that ended up working for him as a translator who also informed me that he is indeed what he claim to be ; and lets face it where is Cain and his lineage now today?) so who knows maybe I talked to Cain him self? Food for thought he did tell me he defeated some odd 100 daemons and so obtained immortality which could also be a plausible way to obtain physical immortality by having them give up half of their life time or even their powers and willing it to your spirit which can than be willed to your physical body and scalped (for a lack of a better word) into years living among other such uses should you wish to take that risk for if you loose the challenge you loose your freedom for how ever long the daemon wish to have you in its service.

    Than of course there is the chance to physically shed your human mortal coil through a specific set of rituals that end in the ingesting when ready of a Physically Immortal non human vampire that turns you into something more than human.

    And so there is ways to obtain both spiritual and physical immortality and powers not known or wield-able by homo-sapien man.

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